Integrated online commerce for online stores is essential in today's digital age where consumers expect a seamless and convenient shopping experience across multiple channels. By integrating online sales channels and back-end systems, companies can optimize their operations and provide a better customer experience, which ultimately leads to increased sales.

The integrations involved connecting the online store to various sales channels such as eMAG, CEL or Vivre, as well as social media platforms Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop.

Another important aspect of integrated online commerce for online stores is the ability to collect and analyze data. By integrating sales channels and platforms, companies can gather data on customer behavior and preferences, track sales performance, and gain insight into which channels drive the most traffic and revenue. This information can be used to optimize marketing and sales strategies, improve product offerings and identify areas for growth.

In addition to the benefits of integrated online commerce mentioned above, it is also important to note that integration can help businesses save time and resources by automating many processes. For example, orders from different markets are automatically routed to the warehouse, reducing the need for manual processing and improving efficiency. Similarly, stock levels can be updated automatically across multiple platforms, preventing overselling and reducing the risk of stockouts.

Overall, integrated online commerce is an essential part of running a successful online store in today's competitive digital market. By connecting their sales channels, platforms and software, companies can improve their operations, deliver a better customer experience and ultimately drive growth and success.

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