GRIDSEARCH INTEGRATOR is a platform specially designed for businesses in the field of trade that are online or not and want to expand their sales area on as many channels as possible, which can be local or international.

Our platform can be accessed by manufacturers or traders, regardless of whether they have an online store or not and regardless of the number of products you currently sell. Regardless of the categories in which your business falls, access GRIDSEARCH INTEGRATOR to increase exposure through integrated online commerce


The products will be loaded in the dynamically self-generated online store from the GRIDSEARCH INTEGRATOR platform with the help of the members of the integration department team. Once the products are loaded, the integration process will begin, which involves synchronizing your products with the specific characteristics of each sales channel available in the integration packages. After the products have been synchronized, they will be sent to the respective channels. From GRIDSEARCH INTEGRATOR you have full and easy control over the stock, price and information changes you will make for your products.

The dynamic self-generated online store, which in our platform is called GridShop, is an e-commerce module that allows the automatic creation and customization of an online store, without requiring programming knowledge using artificial intelligence algorithms. The GridShop allows you to structure the management of your products, such as the price, stock or information related to the products, which will then be synchronized via API or FEED with all the integration packages connected to the GridShop.

The Integration Department is a sub-division of the Tactical Department, which deals with the interaction between the client and GRIDSEARCH INTEGRATOR. It offers support for creating and setting up the account on the sales channels.

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Integrated Online Commerce


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